Thursday, January 6, 2011

Molarity Concentration / "Molarity" of Solutions

Molar Concentration

Here's a quick review of a past chapter:

Homogeneous mixture, when one substance is dissolved in another it is called a solution.
  • the smaller quantity (being dissolved) is called a solute
  • the larger quantity (dissolving) is called a solvent
Ex: sugar in tea
The sugar would be the solute and the tea is the solvent.

Molar Concentration / Molarity is the number of moles of solute in one litre of a solution. We use the letter "M" to represent molar concentration, which has the units of "moles/L"


         - Molarity= moles of solute (mol)
                           volume of solution (L)

         - or put more simply:  M=mol

         - mol= MxL           and           L=mol

Check out this link for some more help :)

Try a practice problem :

Find the molar concentration of a solution that has 0.310 moles of LiOH² in 1.200 L of solution.


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