Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stoichiometry Calculations

(Moles, particles, atoms)

Ex:  How many grams of Ca are produced if there are 4.24 moles of HBr?

       1).  Balance the eq'n:    2Ca+2HBr--->2CaBr+1H2 
       2). Next make a road map:  4.24 mol HBr---> ?grams Ca
       3). Now do the calculation: 4.24 mol HBr x 1 mol Ca x 80.2g Ca  = 85g Ca.
                                                                        2 mol HBr   2 mol Ca

Try some practice problems:
1) How many moles of HCl are needed to produce .76 g of CaCl?
2) How many grams of Ca are needed to produce  1 molecule of H?
3) How many atoms of H will be formed when 3.42 moles of Cl are formed?
4) How many grams of CaCl are needed to form 8.19 moles of HCl?

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