Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laboratory Report

Last class we did a lab on physical and chemical changes:
Lab 2C: Physical and Chemical Changes 

Laboratory Report Format:

1. Cover Sheet
  • name, date, block, name of partner in top right corner
  • title of lab in center of page
  • brief abstract underneath table
      Abstract: the purpose of the abstract is to inform the reader in as few words as possible what was gained from the experiment. It should include a brief (i.e. one or two sentences) outline of the procedure and results. This section should be written in the second person in the passive voice and in the past tense, since it is written after the rest of the lab report has been completed.

2. Report Write-up

Purpose: Write a statement that indicates what you want to find out by doing the lab.

Materials and Equipment:    i.) Write "Refer to page ## in Heath Lab Text, Lab ##"
                                     ii.)  List any change to the above procedure in point form.

Procedure:            i.) Write "Refer to page ## in Heath Lab Text, Lab ##"
                            ii.)  List any change to the above procedure in point form.

Sample Calculations: If required, do any calculations required to complete the data table. For labs with many similar calculations, include only one sample calculation for each type of calculation involved. These are calculations for the data table only, not for discussion section.

Discussion: Complete all questions assigned. Use full sentences for your answers. Show all calculations for quantitative questions.

Sources of Error: Write a list of factors that could have affected your final results. With each point you mention, indicate how it would have affected the results.

                           For example: There was an air bubble in the buret that came out while titrating. 
                           This will give a higher recorded volume of NaOH used than actually needed resulting in an 
                           apparent higher molarity of HCl.

Conclusion: Include a brief formal statement, which lists your result(s) and/or what you have learned in the lab.


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