Monday, September 27, 2010


What is matter ?
- Matter is anything that has mass and volume. Therefore, you are also considered as matter :)
- It always appears to be a solid, liquid or gas
- Can change physically or chemically
- 2 types : Pure substance and mixture
- Element can be classified as metal, metalloid or non-metal
- Compound can be either an ionic or covalent bond
For those who dont't know what homogeneous and heterogeneous mean:
- Homogenous:  consisting of  one visible component
- Hetergeneous : consisting of  2 or more visible components

Physical change and Chemical change
    It's easy to tell the difference between physical change and chemical change. Physical change is reversible, meaning that you can always change the substance's form back and forth easily, while chemical change is irreversible. No new substance is formed during a physical change, but for chemical change, there is. For example, if you burnt a bacon when you're cooking, you get all those black areas on the meet. That is a chemical change.

Change of State

Solid → The particles are tied close together. Does not change shape and volume easily.
Liquid → Between solid and gas. Catalyst like heat is able to make slight changes in shape and volume 
Gas → The particles are widely spread out. Volume and shape can be changed drastically.

- By Catherine:)

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