Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alkenes & Alkynes

  • carbon is able to form double/triple bonds with other carbon atoms
  • when multiple bonds are formed, less hydrogen will attach to the carbon atom
  • naming rules are similar to alkanes, the only difference is "ene"
Alkenes, hydrocarbons with one or more double bonds between carbon atoms which leads to an "unsaturated" hydrocarbon.

Ex: CH2=CH2 ethene
      CH2=CzH- CH3 propene/propane

Ex: Name the following compound.


Trans & Cis Butene
  • if 2 adjacent carbons are bonded by a double and have side chains attached to them, it is possible for 2 compounds to be made

Alkynes, with one or more triple bonds located between carbon atoms leads to an "unsaturated" hydrocarbon.
The ending is changed from "ane" for alkane and "ene" for alkene to "yne" for alkyne.

Check out this link for some extra help!


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