Saturday, June 4, 2011

Organic Chemistry

Alkanes (Straight chain with no branches)
- Hydrocarbon ---> A compound containing only hydrogen and carbon
- They are saturated because each Carbon atom is bonded to the maximum possible number of other atoms
- Carbon atoms are bonded by single bonds
- the names of hydrocarbons end in '-ane'

Name of parent compound chain
- The name is of the hydrocarbon is determined by the number of carbon it has

- Alkane formula = CnH2n+2

Alkyl (Branched Hydrocarbons)
- Alkyl is an alkane which has lost one hydrogen atom
eg. CH4----> Ch3-
- Naming: changing the "ane" ending of the original hydrocarbon to "yl"
eg. methane = CH4 ----> Methyl CH3-

Rule of Naming Alkyl
- include the carbon number at which the alkyl group is attached
- a dash
- the name of the alkyl group
- finally, the name of the parent hydrocarbon chain, to which the alkyl group is attached

eg. CH3-CH-CH2-CH2-Ch3
              CH3                                    This is called 2-methylpentane

- Catherine

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