Monday, June 6, 2011

Functional Groups

        In previous classes, we went over alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. Now we are going to go over the chains that contain not only carbon and hydrogen but many other elements.
      Halides and Nitro Compunds:  When halogens are added into the compund, the names of these elements will be placed infront of the parent chain when naming. The halogens used are F-Fluoro, Cl-chloro, Br-bromo, and I-iodo. And nitro is also used too. The names will end with -ane.
      Alcohols: You can tell when the compund is an Alcohol when there is a branched OH somewhere in the middle of the compound. The ending of the name is -ol .When there are two or more OHs add diol, or triol to the ending.
      Aldehydes: Double bonded oxygen at the end of the chain. The name ends with -al.
      Ketones: Double bonded ocygen in the MIDDLE of the chain (not on either end). Ends with -one when naming.

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